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400 years is a significant biblical number that represents the end of captivity (400 years in Egypt) and the end of silence (400 years from the last Prophet to John the Baptist).  400 years ago, our ancestors docked at Plymouth Rock in search for freedom from religious bondage.  As a direct descendent of William Bradford, Myles Standish, and John Alden, I am feeling led to visit these grounds and sound the shofar as a prophetic act to redeem the purpose of my ancestor's voyage!  I would love a company of "Trumpets" to join me on 11/11/2020 at 11:11 to sound the shofar and release a new sound that will bring down the spirit of religion over this country.  If you can make it to the Mayflower Memorial grounds for this impromptu gathering, please fill out the short form below:

Details for Gathering

Date:  11/11/2020
Time of Gathering:  10:00am EST
Sounding Shofar:  11:11am EST
Address:  79 Water St, Plymouth, MA 02360
The plans are that we begin praying at 10am and will sound the shofar together at 11:11am.  The truth is, we can make our plans, but the Holy Spirit may have different plans.  If we come together in Jesus name, then He will be there and we will concede to any plans He has for us!  Bring your shofars or trumpets!  If you don't have either, then bring your SHOUT!  This is a prophetic act to come against the strongholds of darkness and release a "New Sound" to unveil the eyes of those held in religious bondage and to bring back the voice of God in our country!
Join us for this 400 year anniversary of Christianity in America!


COUNT ME IN!  I will be there with my SHOFAR!

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