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Dallas Glory March!

Take The City....Contend for God's Glory!!!


Many organizations and causes march for many reasons.  As Christians we all want to see abortion eradicated, holiness to again be considered a good thing, righteousness to reign over evil, and our government and leaders to come into alignment with what we believe to be good.

The truth is, the world has a different definition of good and a different definition of freedom and unity.  A gay pride march represents the world's definition of freedom and unity. It is an IDENTITY march, saying "I am who my flesh tells me I am and we are proud of it!"  The world does not know they are in bondage to sin, they only understand that everyone should be able to be whoever they are in their sinful nature and anyone who is against their choices are evil. 

Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness;
Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!    Isaiah 5:20

With this mindset, Christians and the Gospel of Jesus is the enemy.  It is obvious that the world is embracing this mindset and deepening their indoctrination of our children.  While we can sound the alarm and announce all the evil that is happening in the world, it is not the warning that will ever change anything.  There is nothing short of God pouring His glory out that will destroy the bondage our world is in.

Would you join us in downtown Dallas on 8/28/2021 to march and pray for the GLORY OF GOD to infiltrate the DFW area and our nation?

If so, we want to connect with you and keep you abreast of all the specifics as the Lord brings those that would contend for His Glory and take the city back!  Whether you are an individual or a large group that wants to see the Kingdom of God represented here on Earth as it is in Heaven, we want to hear from you!

Let's Connect!

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